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Leap & Leadership

Why We Do What We Do

We're passionate about unlocking people's potential and happiness at work. We deeply believe in self-actualisation and developing meaningful careers. We want to help build mindsets and strategies to help people thrive in their careers. 

Similarly, organisations and their leaders. For people to really be at heart of those organisations, there needs to be a culture and a mindset supporting employees to embrace change and empowering them to create the life they desire to create.

In all this, we can all work as highly performing teams and delivering results for organisations, while developing careers supporting our professional & personal goals and lifestyle preferences.

The pandemic accelerated the transition into the digital economy and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In order to succeed in the new era, individuals and organisations need to embrace change and adapt to it with bravery and using their full potential. We all need to forget the old rules, often rooted still in the previous Industrial Revolutions.

It's time to embrace the new without fear while exploring the opportunities of the new era and while preparing for future challenges.

Let's get excited about all the opportunities ahead, whether it's web3, emerging technologies and their convergence, or all the new ways of work.


Joanna Blazinska


Coach, Trainer, Founder at Leap & Leadership

My name is Joanna Blazinska. Career, change and leadership have always been themes threaded deeply into my life.

I grew up in South-Eastern Poland, in a borough filled with those grey blocks of flats, built during the socialist era.


Still at the university, I knew I would not go for a standard career path. My curiosity lead me to travel, and learn languages, before diving into the corporate structures. Although I started working while still in the business school, I knew I was drawn towards different types of industries, and diverse cultures.

This way I ended up working in my country, as well as the US, Peru, Spain, and eventually the UK.

2008 was the year when I worked in a hybrid way and remotely for the first time. This eye-opening experience made me realise what I prioritise at work and what I truly value.

Since then, I worked with organisations such as start-ups in the gaming industry, in supply chain at Sony DADC, and at tech companies PlayStation and Google.

After 13 of experiences in project management, supply chain and global operations, I decided to take the leap and change careers. I wanted to dedicate my life to entrepreneurship and all sorts of creative enterprises.


My passion for unlocking potential lead me to become a coach.​ I wanted to become world-class so I trained with the best. My certification is with The Coaching Academy (ICF standard) in the UK and with the world's top high performance coach, Brendon Burchard, in the US. 

So here I am... keen to support you as an individual and your organisation to thrive in this ever-changing environment, while looking forward to what the future brings!

If you want to change careers and break into web3 or emerging technologies, or get support for your organisation to navigate change, upskill and adopt new ways of work, we're here to help!

Hope to work with you soon!

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